FMA - Joy!

Gonna sell some manga!

I have a new LJ I use (as a private journal now), but this is the one I've always used to join communities and I'm planning on selling some of my manga (going to try to use this LJ to do that) Joined a manga trade/sell community and hoping to sell something there. >w<

If you want to add me here for my art or some other personal reason, I recommend following me on tumblr instead or just watching me on dA. tumblr is just easier for me to post things or show sketches, and deviantART has  been my main place to show art for some time now.

Still, for anyone who might still have me on their friend list and sees this, hello! *waves* XD
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FMA - By the way I love you.

Goodbye. ^_^

I'm going to be leaving many of my online places starting today. If you want to know more about see my journal on dA. So, goodbye! ^w^ It was fun.
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FMA - LOL I&#39;m not watching the road.

-gasp- Oh noes. XD;

Al can understand Cat! OoO And apparently Clank (the cat) was saying something really beautiful....XD; (Ed has no clue what it is) I could really see Al being able to speak Cat...(after picking up stray cats for so long...XD; )

XD; Just a little comic inspired by a..uh...comment/RPing...thing -bad at descriptions- me and foxdemonroxy from dA have been doing for...a while now. XD; It's been fun, so many funny ideas...XD;
Psych - Dear LJ...

Back to school...

My third day of school was today. I'm starting to notice which classes I'll probably like more than the others....XD; Gah...and out of my 4 classes, 3 of them require me to go somewhere and write a report....^_^;;; I love the idea of going to these places, just not writing a report...(or having to pay to go...) T.T

Might go to a civil war reenactment for one class (for extra credit), that reminded me of the "Weekend Warriors" Psych episode...XD; (I think I was right in putting my mood as "geeky"....>.>; XD; )

Oh! And as usual, I'm doodling in my notebooks...-sigh- I really do miss my high school agenda...the corners of each page where the perfect size for drawing comics, and I would draw one almost every day and show them to my friend during lunch. ^w^ Examples--> 1 2

I still have the agenda though. XD I should maybe post them all here some time. But, the problem is my handwriting is terrible on those comics...XD

I kinda already started a small FMA comic in the margins of one of my notebooks though. XD If I ever finish it, I'll post it here. XD

Now, I'm off to go eat lunch. XD
FMA - Joy!


Yes, so the news is everywhere....NEW FMA ANIME! And the question about how it'll be handled is probably on everyone's mind....(mine too. XD; ) So I thought I'd just post this here...(and it's tagged under ramblings seeing as...that's what I think it is...)

Yay for comments on dA, the people who commented on my journal made me remember a lot of things I forgot to even think about when I first heard of the new anime...>w<

What I'm thinking about:

The Story: This is what I first thought...I wonder what the story will follow? Will it be the manga story? Or something new? (I hope it's the manga story. XD; ) And also, will the anime do a good job of telling the story...who knows...T.T

The Voices: Second thing I thought of, I DEFINITELY want to hear Romi Paku and Rie Kugimiya as Ed and Al again...(and the other voices too) So I'm REALLY worried about this one...I don't know, it feels like it would be kinda weird hearing different people....^_^;

The Character Design: I didn't remember this until I saw someone mention it...And I have to say....The manga and previous anime's styles are different...and I kind of would like to see the anime style again in the new anime...I don't dislike the manga style, in fact, I love it. But I loved the anime style too. To sum it up: I'M CONFUSED about what I would want to see from the character design right now. XD;

The Music: EEee! I forgot about that! (someone reminded me on dA about that! XD; ) I loved the music and theme songs from the previous I'm really looking forward to what that'll turn out like. ^_^

And that's pretty much all I remembered to write right now. XD;
FMA - Joy!

Yay for FMA mood theme! XD

Gah...thanks to a tutorial, I was able to add a mood theme to my still takes a while even in the adminstrative...console...thing...@.@;; (seeing as I didn't have all of the code information all typed out for me...XD )

Still, happy to have an FMA manga mood...thing! XD; I was thinking of looking for one that just had Ed and Al, or Ed, Al and Winry in it. (but I don't think that exist, does it? ) XD; But, I'm fine with an FMA manga one. (YAY FOR THE MANGA! ^o^ <3 )

My arm's sore now....XD; Oh! I got Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 8 on monday! It was pretty funny. XD I heard the anime has been licensed...hope to see that come out soon. ^w^

Now I go back to drawing random FMA stuff. (and I keep forgetting to post stuff here...XD; ) Bye! ^_^
Psych - Say What?

-slaps forehead-

I kinda didn't notice that my two year anniversary of being on deviantART was on August 3rd...XD;

I should really pay more attention to stuff like that...(that's probably why I didn't notice I had over a hundred watchers either...>.>; ) I'm terribly forgetful...@_@;

Well, this is my last week of vacation...I was really hoping to have some flashes or something done...but..oh well. XD; I look forward to all my classes and hope for the best in them. ^_^

And I should really think of doing something for the two year thing at dA. (most likely a comic...XD; ) I don't think I ever expected to be doing so many FMA comics when I first started to post my fanarts online...XD; But I do remember back then I would always enjoy doing them them more than simply drawing a character. XD

Oh, I saw latest Psych episode on...Saturday. (I STILL haven't seen the third episode of the season, I missed it a while back...>.<; ) This week's one was okay...though I think I realize now that I don't like seeing Shawn's dad having a huge part with a case...rather I like when Lassiter and Juliet are the ones who are involved with the case as much as Shawn and Gus. ^_^; (still, the episode had its moments for me. ^_^ )

Guess that's all for now. XD;
FMA - Heart


Well, my internet connection decided to disappear yesterday night. XD; And not long after I submitted two things to dA...(lucky! XD )

So, I was going to head to Tegaki E and check back on my dA messages later on, and the internet wouldn't work. (the phone had no line either...) ^_^;

But, it's all back now. ^_^; Still...I wish I had my own computer...(and internet...) XD;

Wish my arm wasn't so sore...>.<; Well, if I can, I might draw something new on Tegaki. ^w^

Is that all I have for now?...I guess.

Bye! ^_^
FMA - Heart

School is coming....O.O;

Yeah, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the ending weeks of my vacation! XD; Then it's off to learn. I got my textbooks today. I started to read one...I have to say I'm looking forward to the classes. (hopefully there aren't too many papers to write...O.O;; )

I saw Psych on Friday! That was one great episode, because of all the little moments. (though the story as a whole was interesting, I'd say, it wasn't one of my absolute favorites) And I now believe that Shawn has the amazing ability to see through a two-way mirror. -laughs- (and have a creepy yet friendly smile while doing it)

Downloaded the RAW of FMA chapter 86 right now. Though I can't read Japanese, I usually get some clues on what's going on. (plus I'm impatient and I like looking at the chapter even before it's translated. XD; )

Ah, Ed's on the cover of Shounen GanGan...and I think they're giving an Ed computer mouse?! :O Man, I wish I could get that....(sure I don't need it, but it's Ed! XD; )

Is that all I have to say?....I guess. I'll...upload some drawings soon.

Oh! Also, I have an idea for an FMA comic (or would you call it a doujinshi seeing as it's longer? ) story. Wonder if I'd be able to draw it though. Still, the idea I have would be so much fun to do. XD;

Now I go look at FMA chap 86 RAW! -onward!- XD;

*EDIT* OMG! CHAP 86!! O.O;;; GET TRANSLATED!!! XD; -just looked it all over- And yay! Guess who's back? XD; (wah for Al though...;_; )
Quote from Psych.

A blackout!!

Yup. Last night, the weather around here got pretty bad....first, there was a tornado warning, there was A LOT of wind, rain, and lightning. The city sirens were on too. In about an hour or so, though, the wind and rain stopped and it was calm. The lightning and thunder was still going on a lot though.

Then, after the tornado warning had passed for us, the weather started to get bad again. In fact, I think it got worse than the first time. And this time, while we were looking outside at the storm, the lights went out. O.O; So, we ended up with a blackout! T.T I didn't have a flashlight, but I used my booklight instead. XD;

Luckily, the weather calmed down eventually (except for the thunder and lighting, that stayed for a while...^_^;; ) and we just decided to go to bed. And that's when the lights came back on! -cheer- XD; So, thank goodness, we didn't have to stay in the darkness for too long.

Thank the Lord too, it didn't cause too much damage around here either. ^w^ (just a few fallen branches from the trees)

So, that's pretty much what happened yesterday. XD; Wow...